Deep Water Plants for Medium to Large Ponds

Below is a selection of deep water plants for a medium to large garden pond.

Deep water plants come potted and need to be placed in the deeper parts of your pond.  Their foliage will grow up and float on the surface, creating shade for wildlife and help keep your pond cool, they also provide resting places for amphibians and insects. 

Water Hawthorn is best for autumn and spring interest.  Brandy Bottle and Fringed Water Lily best for summer interest.

Medium Sized Pond - For a pond measuring 4 to 6 square metres we recommend 3 x 1 litre marginal plants or 2 x 3ltr plants.

Large Sized Pond - For a pond measuring 8 to 12 square metres we recommend 6 x 1 litre marginal plants or 4 x 3ltr plants.

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