Oxygenating plants generate oxygen through photosynthesis throughout the day, which is then released into the water.  Essential for pond wildlife and for keeping up bacteria levels in the water, this helps to keep the algae under control.  Oxygenators come in containers and also as weighted bunched plants.  

Container plants should be placed under the water either on a shelf or on the bottom of the pond, as they will grow upwards, leading to some foliage emerging at surface level.  Bunched oxygenators need to be gently pushed into the soil, with the only exception to this being Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornwort), a native oxygenator that can be split and simply thrown in to your pond.  It will find its way to the bottom and root itself.

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Fibre Optic Plant

(Scirpus cernuus)


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