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Polystone Cubic Pond

  • £450.00

Polystone Cubic Pond

A simple way to create a contemporary pond with no digging!

Perfect for a modern and sleek looking container pond, made from polystone, these containers are extremely durable, made from a compound of powered stone and resin.  Whilst looking like stone, they are a more manageable weight.  

These pots are available in slate black, marble white or grey and in 3 sizes, all the perfect depth for aquatic plants.  

 Recommended Planting:
This tank would accommodate a dwarf or small sized waterlily or a deep water plant or some floating plants.  Marginal plants could be placed in here if they are elevated within the tank to the right depths.  Tall marginals such as Irises will look stunning.  For an easy planting option you could purchase a Small Pond in a Box.

- Length 90cm
- Width 90cm
- Height 40cm
- Volume 324 litres
- Weight 30 kg


Product Information  

These planters are made from a dense compound of resin and powdered stone.  Whilst retaining the look of stone, the pots are a more manageable weight.  

Very durable and able to withstand all the elements the British weather will throw at them.  

These modern and sleek looking planters are resilient and will continuing looking good all through the year.