Water Lilies are the jewels of your pond and come in a variety of sizes from miniature to large, so there is always one that will be ideal for you.  Lilies offer shade under the water for wildlife and also stop algae forming due to lack of light.  Lilies like still water and do not like getting their leaves wet, so keep them away from fountains and always in full sun to maximise flower growth and production.  

The size of the lily will depend upon the planting depth available to you; please check the planting information on the individual lily.  Lilies should be at least 10cm below the water but some can go down as far as 1m.  If your pond is deep, it is wise to lower your lily slowly over time by placing it on bricks which can gradually be reduced, allowing the lily to be adjusted when the stems are long enough to still have leaves on the surface when lowered.

The only native lily is a white lily called Alba.  

Where possible, place your lilies in areas not accessible to fish and ducks as both find lilies very tasty and will eat them if given chance!

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Waterlilies (Nymphaea)

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