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Golden Variegated Slender Sweet Flag
(Acorus gramineus Ogon)

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Golden variegated slender sweet flag (Acorus gramineus Ogon)

Growing in wide fans, this plant forms into large low growing clumps. It has striking variegated bright yellow and striped foliage and is semi-evergreen.

  • Plant Type - Pond Marginal
  • Normally Available from - Mid March *
  • Water Depth - 0cm to 5cm
  • Height - 25cm to 35cm
  • Position - Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Growth - Slow
  • Flowers - Jun to Sep
  • Foliage - Semi-evergreen
  • Hardiness - Hardy

Specific Plant Care:
Little maintenance is required. Trim just above the water surface after foliage has died back in Autumn to tidy leaving a little material to protect new shoots.