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Log Pond
Flat Back

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Log Pond - Flat Back
A simple way to create a beautiful pond in your garden with no digging!

This 25 gallon raised timber pond has a flat back making it suitable for smaller spaces, such as a patio or courtyard.  It has two seats built on the edges, creating a perfect tranquil spot to sit and watch your pond life.  

These ponds are a great depth for adding a selection of our beautiful aquatic plants.  

- Length 122cm
- Width 63.5cm
- Height 41cm
- Volume 113 litres/25 gallons  

Recommended Planting
This pond would accommodate a dwarf or small sized waterlily or a deep water plant or some floating plants.  Marginal plants could be placed in here if they are elevated within the tank to the right depths.  Tall marginals such as Irises will look stunning.  For an easy planting option you could purchase a Mini Pond in a Box makes a great starter pack.

Please note waterlilies do not like their leaves being splashed.  So if ordering a pump we would not recommend the purchase of a waterlily.  


Product Information

Made from Swedish sustainable timber, they come with a liner and you have the option of a pump too.  

They can be assembled quickly and easily dismantled and moved if needed.  

Our favourite feature is they all have seats built onto the sides of them making them easily accessible for people of all ages.

  • Timber guaranteed for 20 years against rot
  • Pumps come with 10m cable and 2 year guarantee
  • Fitted PVC liners guaranteed for 3 years
  • Assembly easy and quick
  • Free delivery on all ponds