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Encourage Wildlife with a Pond

Now is the perfect time to create a wildlife pond in your garden or allotment. 

Within hours of filling up your pond, you will find all kinds of wildlife visiting for breeding, drinking and to make the surrounding area their new home.

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Summer Planting

Marginals plants add colour and interest to your pond during the summer months, creating sheltered areas for visiting wildlife and encourging pollinators to your pond.

 Pickerel Weed (Pontederia cordata) - Plants for Ponds Ltd.

About us

Based in Hertfordshire, Plants For Ponds was created to provide a simple, convenient alternative to visiting garden or specialist pond centres.  We source the best quality water plants grown in the UK from an award winning nursery and deliver them directly to your door.
 Importantly, all our plants are grown in cold water conditions and not forced on with artifical heating, so you can be assured our aquatic plants will thrive in your pond.  We are always happy to offer advice or help you plan your planting.  To read more click here
"Plants arrived this morning.  Delighted with them and to have such good sized plants in baskets ready to just drop into the mud in my pond. 
Thank you so much."
RB - May 2020