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Native Wildlife Value Pack

  • £28.00

Wildlife Value Pack

A great combination of plants for your pond, all wildlife friendly and UK native.  These plants are great for encouraging pollinating wildlife to your pond, our favourites are the majestic dragonflies in the most vibrant of colours.  Marginal plants also offer a great place for amphibians to shelter as they emerge from your pond.  

This plant collection is chosen by our trusted growers at the nursery, they will pick the native varieties looking the best and strongest at the time of order.  The plants will arrive planted in Finofil pots ready to pop straight onto your pond shelves at the required depth.  

Great savings on these packs, £13 saving for 3ltr pack, £6.50 saving for 1ltr pack
(compared to buying the plants individually)

Individual care instruction will be included with each plant.  

Please note: This pack will include 3 x 1litre marginal plants or 6 x 9cm or 4 x 3ltr marginal plants and may include any varieties listed on this website.  The image shown is for display purposes only as varieties will vary week by week depending what plants are looking the best and strongest at the time of dispatch, please see our pre-orders section for more information. For information about delivery schedules please click here.