When ordering multiple plants at the beginning of the season please take note of the 'Normally Available from' in the plant information above.

Your order will be dispatched once all the plants are ready for sale, so it is good idea to order plants within the same month range to avoid delays.

The 'Normally Available From' is a guide only and based on when this plant has been ready for sale in previous seasons.  

This is subject to change as our greenhouses are not artificially heated, so we rely on the British weather to be kind to us!


PAYMENT - Your card/Paypal account will be charged for the full amount at the time of ordering, even if your plants are on Pre-Order Status.  

We do this to avoid delays during the season when cards are no longer valid and payment methods need changing.  If you are not happy to pre-pay for your items then sign up for our newsletter and order once they are available.

If you want to check on the status of your order then just email us and we will be happy to give you an update on how the plants are growing and their proposed release date.


All our plants are grown in the UK in unheated greenhouses and in cold water, this produces stronger plants for the UK climate but also means that our plants can take longer to mature for sale if the spring weather remains cold.

We are in daily contact with the nursery from mid February and as soon as the water starts to be heated by the sun, then we see big changes in plant growth on a daily basis.

We will only send out plants once they have established a sufficient root system, to ensure they travel well and reach you ready to be put straight into your pond.  

Although it may be frustrating waiting for a plant, it grows bigger, stronger and a better root system under the glass in the greenhouses, so please be guided by us and our experts at the nursery, who will only allow us to send plants once they are strong enough.

Your order will be dispatched once all the plants are ready. Please note we will take payment at the time of order to reserve your selection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an update.