Pond Marginals
      Usually planted on the shelves within your pond, marginal plants give your pond height, colour and structure.  When creating a wildlife pondmarginals will encouraging wildlife to your pond either by producing flowers which encourage pollinators or by offering shade and shelter to frogs and toads, as well as newts, mammals and birds accessing the water.

      There are many varieties to choose from either native or non-native.  It is important to choose plants suitable for your size pond.  You can read our guide on the best plants to choose for you size pond to make sure you choose suitable plants.

      Plants such are Iris, give wonderfully striking height and colour when in flower, native Marsh Marigolds are always one of the early risers and bees loves Pickerel Weed during the summer months.  Choose Creeping Jenny for covering the edges of ponds or Corkscrew Rush for structure in container ponds.

      The 1ltr and 3ltr marginals come pre-planted in Finofil Aquatic Baskets and can just be popped straight into the pond at the recommended depth.  9cm plants are grown in solid pots and will need repotting, just simply add 1ltr Finofil Pots and Aquatic Soil to your shopping basket.

      For further information on planting your aquatic plants click here

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