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George III Tank

George III Tank

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Inspired by the Georgian period and specifically King George III - known for his passion for architecture.  This generously sized water tank will provide an impressive centre piece to any outside space.  Available in two sizes and two finishes, faux lead and antique faux lead.

Tough and versatile the fibreglass resin mix is lightweight, non-corrosive and impervious to all weather conditions including frost. 

Recommended Planting:
This tank is perfect for small spreading waterlilies and deep water plants, you could also add some Irises for height into the centre.  

This tank would accommodate some floating plants too.  Marginal plants could be placed in here if they are elevated within the tank to the right depths.


Single Tank
- Length 74cm
- Width 71cm
- Height 75cm
- Volume 410 litres
- Weight 20kg

Double Tank
- Length 143cm
- Width 71cm
- Height 75cm
- Volume 761 litres
- Weight 25kg

Product Information

Made from a wonderfully tough mix of fibreglass and resin, these pots are lightweight, non-corrosive and maintenance free.  

Using advanced manufacturing techniques and skills built up over 40 years these planters age well over time and faithfully recreate a multitude of finishes that are indistinguishable from the real thing.  

These pots are completely frost proof and will make the perfect addition to your garden to be used as a container pond or planter.

Please make sure that these planters are placed on a solid surface and are not moved once full of water.  

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