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(Hydrocharis morsus ranae)

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Frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus ranae)

Able to tolerate dense shade, this pretty floating plant, produces small kidney shaped leaves and miniature white flowers. This delicate plant comes loose, just simply place it gently on to the surface of the water.

  • Plant Type - Floating Plant
  • Normally Available from - Mid May *
  • Spread - 2cm to 7cm
  • Position - Full Sun/Part Shade/Shade
  • Flower Colour - White
  • Flowers - Jul to Aug
  • Native

Specific Plant Care:
Allow to die back naturally as in the autumn small buds are formed which fall off and sink to the bottom and the old plant rots away. These winter buds remain on the bottom to rise again in the spring to form new plants.