One of the most popular and recognisable aquatic plants, Waterlilies are important for providing shade to your pond, they encourage pollinators and provide a resting place for Frogs and Toads.

      During the summer months, Waterlilies will take centre stage in your pond.   With so many varieties to choose from, their elegant flowers and foliage will look delightful in any size pond.

      Our Waterlilies are all hardy to the UK climate and will flower from June to September, certain varieties flowering into October.  There is only one native waterlily, the Alba.  It is a large and vigorous waterlily so is only suitable for large ponds and lakes

      If you fancy something different then look at Black Princess for its very unusual deep red tone or Wanvisa for its two-tone flowers.  Classic white water lilies are a very popular choice, Gonnre produces crisp white double-flowering petals.  For container ponds the dwarf varieties are best and one of the most popular is Pygmaea Helvola.

      There are a few rules you will need to follow to get a great display from your Waterlilies;

      Waterlilies like full sun. 

      They do not like to have their leaves splashed, sprayed or like movement in general, so a still pond or part of the pond is best. 

      Koi Carp, other carp varieties and ducks will eat them.

      For further information on planting read our planting guide.