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Water Hawthorn
(Aponogeton distachyos)

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Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyos)

This deep water aquatic will give your pond interest for a number of months. It is very hardy and if protected from frost can flower all winter. Its unusual white flowers bloom from March to July, then it briefly dies back during August and then emerges again until at least November. Fragile leaves may be damaged in transit, if that happens, gently remove them and new ones will grow.

  • Plant Type - Deep Water
  • Normally Available from - Mid March
  • Water Depth - 10cm to 90cm
  • Spread - 70cm to 90cm
  • Position - Part Shade
  • Flowers - Mar to Jul and Sep to Nov
  • Flower colour - White

Specific Plant Care:
This plant looks fantastic early and late in the year. The foliage dies back in the summer. Leaves damaged in transit can be removed and new ones will grow.