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Egyptian Paper Rush
(Cyperus papyrus)

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Egyptian Paper Rush (Cyperus papyrus)
A wonderful looking plant, with triangular heads upon which, spiky mop like heads grow.  Great for the hottest months of the year by the pond making a great architectural statement.  Bring this lovely evergreen plant inside to a conservatory or light room in the house (keep above 15ºc) for interest throughout the autumn and winter.
  • Plant Type - Pond Marginal
  • Normally Available from - Early June 
  • Water Depth - 0cm to 10cm
  • Height - 100cm to 250cm
  • Position - Full Sun
  • Growth - Medium
  • Flowers - Aug to Sep
  • Foliage - Evergreen (only when kept inside above 15ºC)
  • Hardiness - Tender

Specific Plant Care:
Protect from frost. Place inside, keep moist with as much light as possible. Makes an excellent conservatory plant.