Water Lilies for Container Ponds

      Below is a selection of water lilies perfectly sized for a container pond.  

      Waterlilies will create a classically beautiful centrepiece but need a sunny spot.  It is essential to ensure the correct variety for your container pond so your waterlily does not outgrow the space.  The water lilies listed below are ideal for container ponds, growing up to a maximum spread of 50cm.

      For a pond measuring 1 square metres we recommend 1 to 2 dwarf water lilies.  If budget and space allow, it is always best to buy a 2ltr plant as it will not need repotting for a couple of seasons. 

      All our waterlilies will be dispatched with long lasting fertiliser, we recommend re-feeding early the following season with Aquatic Plant Fertiliser.

      You may find it helpful to read our pages; Setting up a Container Pond,  Creating a Wildlife Pond and information about Frogs and Toads.

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