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Charles de Meurville
Water lily
(Nymphaea Charles de Meurville)

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Charles de Meurville - Water lily (Nymphaea Charles de Meurville)

A great lily for medium to large ponds, this red water lily flowers prolifically through the summer. Charles de Meurville produces wine coloured blooms contrasted by deep green foliage, this hardy lily will close it blooms at sunset.

  • Plant Type - Water Lily
  • Normally Available from - Early April
  • Water Depth - 40cm to 100cm
  • Spread - 100cm to 150cm
  • Position - Full Sun
  • Planting Season - Late Spring to Summer
  • Flowers - Jun to Sep
  • Foliage - Deciduous
  • Hardiness - Hardy
General Lily Care:
Our 1 litre and 3 litre lilies will arrive in a Finofil aquatic basket (perfect for allowing nutrients and oxygen to filter through the soil), therefore no repotting is necessary, just lower the lily into position. The same applies for 30 ltr lilies, please note these plants will weigh 50kg.

Initially you may want to place the lily on bricks, then gradually lower as the plant stretches towards the surface.

Lilies like still water, they also like to keep their leaves dry, do not place them too close to fountains or other splashing water.

Pruning - Deadhead, removing yellow and brown leaves regularly throughout the growing season.

Koi carp and ducks find them very tasty too!