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Trapdoor Snail
(Viviparus viviparus)

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Trapdoor Snail (Viviparus viviparus)
These snails eat algae and dead plants from the bottom of the pond, helping to keep your water clear and your ponds ecosystem working in harmony.  Trapdoor snails have gills and should be treated as fish.  Being native they are hardy.  Allow 5 snails per m². 


Snail Care

 When you receive your snails, please fill the tub with water from your pond and allow them to acclimatise to the water, they might need a little time to come to life so it is best to leave them for a couple of hours, remember to put the lid back on and make sure there are air holes. Any that have floated to the top are dead and need to be discarded, the rest can be carefully placed in the pond to get to work.