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Willow Moss
(Fontinalis antipyretica)

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Willow Moss (Fontinalis antipyretica)

Growing all year in both fast flowing water and still water, this native oxygenator produces a greyish-green moss, with branched stems.

  • Plant Type - Oxygenator
  • Normally Available from - Mid March *
  • Water Depth - 30cm to 90cm
  • Height - Submerged
  • Position - Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Growth - Fast
  • Flowers - Evergreen
  • Weighted bunch
  • UK Native

Specific Plant Care:
Can be dropped in the pond as a weighted bunch. This plant can grow in both still and fast flowing water where anchorage is required. This can be achieved by tying the plant to a stone or brick and placing it in running water.

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